A MUM-of-two is urging people to support the NHS and frontline workers everyday following the nation-wide Clap for our Carers event on Wednesday.

Darlington woman JanineAnne Slater dug out her blue Christmas tree lights and put up a sign in her front window stating 'We support our NHS'.

Ms Slater is now encouraging others to light up their windows blue to show appreciation for Britain's health service and its workers who are tackling the coronavirus pandemic head-on as the rest of the country stays in doors.

The 27-year-old hoped the window would not only draw attention to the workers putting their lives at risk, but also to help her nine-year-old son Logan understand why he can't see his dad or go outside.

"He’s really struggling not being able to see his dad, so we are trying to do things to help him adjust and explain it," Ms Slater said.

"We told him that the NHS are putting their lives at risk to protect others.

"He is understanding more now, and the rainbows in the windows were a great idea."

Children across the North-East have been painting rainbows and putting up drawings in front windows as a sign of solidarity.

"We dug out our blue Christmas lights and put up the sign because we think that people should be supporting the NHS every day," Ms Slater said.

"We will make sure our window is lit up as long as it takes to beat the virus."

The family wanted the sign to say 'Stay home to protect the NHS', but they ran out of paper.

She added: "We have friends and family that work for the NHS and it is absolutely terrifying.

"Doing things like this to support them is better for our mental health too - I feel helpless and useless but we are doing the biggest thing by not spreading it.

"Other people should light up their windows too, if they can. Of course, don’t go and buy lights, but it would be lovely if others did it."

Ms Slater, who has also been helping people where she can, received thanks from friends working on the frontline.

She said: "What they are doing is amazing, I hope this will stop people from taking the NHS for granted."

Ms Slater and her partner Ben have seven children between them. The children, says Ms Slater, wanted to "spread a little joy" so made a video singing around a firepit in the garden.