A SCHOOL has brought the curriculum to life, along with two chicks and more to come.

On Monday, March 9, Whinfield Primary School’s Year 1 class received an incubator and ten eggs, in a bid to bring science to life for children. Just a day later, they began to hatch.

Mrs Murphy, Year 1 lead and assistant head teacher, said: “The Year 1 children at Whinfield Primary School have had an eggciting week.

“They were delighted on Tuesday morning to find the first chick had hatched. Over the following days the chicks hatched one by one, my class were lucky enough to be watching when one little chick emerged from the egg.

“The children have not just enjoyed the experience of watching one of natures wonders unfold in front of them but they have learnt so much.

“They are learning about the changing seasons and life cycles in science, writing spring poetry and chronological reports in English but they are learning how to care for animals and the responsibilities of it.

“At Whinfield we strongly believe in bringing the curriculum alive and inspiring a love of learning which will last a lifetime.”