ANGRY Alun Armstrong was scathing in his post-match assessment of Darlington’s defeat to AFC Telford United, one that saw Quakers throw away victory at Blackwell Meadows.

They led 2-0 at half-time after goals by Alex Storey and Justin Donawa, but conceded three times during a second half which Armstrong branded “embarrassing” to lose 3-2.

Marcus Dinanga did the damage for Telford by scoring a hat-trick, though Armstrong feels his team had themselves to blame for the capitulation.

“The game should have been done and dusted before half-time, Will Hatfield had a great chance to make it 3-0,” said Armstrong.

“The first half performance was really good, couldn’t really fault it at all. Dominant, causing them all kinds of problems.

“And then the second half was embarrassing, it was really embarrassing from start to finish.

“We made our own problems. We had to said to them that we had to turn them and play in their half in the first ten minutes, keep the pressure on them.

“For some unknown reason Cams tried to play a short pass, we get caught out and they scored.

“Then you think we will see it through, we’ll manage it, we’ll still create problems, but we didn’t do anything that we had done in the first half. We kept playing in front of them, we didn’t hurt them, it was too tippy-tappy, it wasn’t anywhere near the intensity that we normally have.

“The ball kept coming back. Decision making, people weren’t winning second balls, there was so much wrong in that second half.

“You try and fix it by bringing on fresh legs in Jarrett Rivers, but there was no impetus.

“Justin was great first half, second half I don’t think he impacted the game one little bit.

“Thommo found it tough second half because we didn’t get the midfield close enough to support him, we were far too deep and invited them, and that had been my instruction at half-time – do not invite them, stay high, be brave and get in their faces.

“They did everything opposite to what they had been told.”

Darlington are at Leamington on Tuesday, but they will be without Louis Laing, Michael Liddle and possibly Liam Connell due to work commitments.

Omar Holness and Jarrett Rivers, both on the bench today, have been ill this week, while Terry Galbraith should return after being rested due to a muscle injury.