Dan Renton Skinner or rather his alter ego of Angelos Epithemiou will be in Darlington on Saturday, What's On catches up with him.

What can the audience in Darlington expect from Angelos this time around?

Oh well in this show there will be something for everyone, songs about flying into space, a video of me in an industrial tumble dryer, lots of jokes, an incredible anecdote of a very moving experience I had in a station toilet and some magic and some dancing, and a live seance where we call up someone famous and have a good old chat.

So something for everyone. The only thing there isn’t anything of is magic, I know I said earlier that there was magic in it, but I’d like to take that back please.

Will he be accompanied by Barry From Watford again or is he going it alone?

On this occasion I will be going it alone. Barry is at home doing a twenty thousand piece jigsaw puzzle and couldn’t tear himself away from it. So it’s just me on my tod. We had a good old laugh on tour when we last went out together but this time it will be me having the laugh all on my own. Mainly I will laughing about the fact that I have nicked about 5 key pieces of Barry’s jigsaw puzzle and I’m taking them on tour with me, so he’ll never actually finish the thing.

Will there be any audience participation?

Well a show wouldn’t be a show without a bit of gentle audience participation, but don’t be afraid because it won’t be anything heavy. There is a section in the show where I need the audience’s help to perform something, but nobody will be asked to come up on the stage, unless they’re really pushy and demand it, then they can and I’ll get a chair and they can sit at the side. But that’s never happened before and I don’t anticipate it happening in the future but the option is there if it’s needed.

How is the tour going so far?

We’ve done London dates and we’ve done Bristol and Cardiff and I gotta say, without blowing my own trumpet, which I do have trouble with, it’s gone excellently well!

I first performed this show in Edinburgh for two weeks and I was only going to do it up there but we sold it out for two weeks and the show went really well so we decided to do a little tour and I’m very glad I did.

I’m touring with my official biographer Christopher Bliss who goes on stage before me and reads out some of his novels, he’s written about 3000 novels and he’s only in his late 20’s so he’s got a lot to choose from.

Is he going to get political or will he be steering clear of Brexit and the General Election?

I do mention Brexit and Donald Trump, but other than the passing mentions I don’t get into it.

You won’t be surprised to learn that I do have very very VERY strong political views but I keep them to myself or for when I’m trolling celebrities on Twitter, or for when I’m up at Hyde Park at Speakers Corner, I can really let rip up there, but not on stage, they’ve come to the show to get away from that, and my show is about as far away from political debate as you are likely to find this year.

Unless of course you think watching a video of me getting attacked by an owl in a cupboard is political then, well there’s nothing I can do about that.

What would be in his manifesto, if he was standing to become an MP?

In my manifesto I’d have a load of sweets, you know so when they opened up the first page and found a load of sweets in there they’d think ‘oh, that’s nice, I like this fella already”. Although I guarantee someone will think it is bribery (which I suppose it would be) and they’d have me hauled up in front of some sort of Ombudsman, but I would fight that in the courts. Trump has got away with a lot worse than having sweets in his manifesto and look where it’s got him.

This is only a short tour - will Angelos be on the road again soon?

Yes this is a short tour, and it’s very much a toe dipper. I haven’t been on tour on my own for about 8 years and I had to make sure I liked my own company, but as it turns out I’m getting on with myself very well indeed. So yes I can categorically say that there will be more. I also like performing this show and the audience all seem to be liking it as well so I’d be a crazy bleedin’ fool not to go out and do more of this muck around other parts of the country. My only hope is that they will have me.

Angelos Epithemiou, Can I Just Show You What I've Got?, The Hullabaloo, Darlington, Saturday, November 23.

Tickets from www.darlingtonhippodrome.co.uk or call the ticket office on 01325 405405