A CROSS-PARTY stand against hate crime was made on the streets of Darlington on Sunday.

The town’s Labour MP Jenny Chapman and Conservative council leader Heather Scott joined representatives from other political groups at a rally organised by anti-hate campaigners More in Common.

Established after a far-right murderer killed politician Jo Cox in 2016, the group organised the event to promote the importance of speaking out against hate crime and raising awareness of its impact.

Organiser Peter Greenwood said communication, empathy and kindness could help tackle hatred, adding: “It is possible to disagree with another’s moral position while still seeking to understand, to listen, and even to learn about injustices which affect them but not us.

“It is only when we have the courage to truly engage each other that we can make genuine progress in transforming social relations.

“The people who came on Sunday and spoke or listened don’t always get along but they have more in common than their disagreements.

“They are strong enough to believe showing kindness to an opponent is not weakness or treachery and they stand together for our town against hatred.”