AN ARTIST is showcasing his take on reality and form in his latest public exhibition.

North-East artist Colin Graham's work will be on show at the Crown Street Art Gallery until October 3 in a further exploration of his 2015 Crown Street exhibition, 'A Mind's Eye'.

In this exhibition, 'Colourscapes', Mr Graham takes some of Wassily Kandinsky's thoughts on the inner meanings of relationships in art, both emotional and spiritual, to create his collection of pieces.

All created within a space of 14 months, Mr Graham worked on large-scale canvases to create vibrant paintings and used his leftover colours from each day of work to create smaller, but equally as thought-provoking, creations.

Born in North Lincolnshire, Mr Graham trained at Leeds College of Art and Leeds University with degrees in design.

His professional career was primarily art education in schools, colleges and university, where he also designed and examined courses at degree level as well as other examination boards.

Now retired, Mr Graham still continues to live art, drawing and painting and still advises people in art.

He said: "To qualify as 'art', a work ought to demonstrate skill in its making and show a uniqueness of perception of the world in which the artist lives. Just thinking a work is art does not make it so."

Mr Graham will be holding an artist's talk at the gallery on Thursday, September 19 at 2.30pm.