BRILLIANT young minds have been inspired by an author taking part in topic work exploring non-fiction and the joys of working with a wild imagination.

Earlier in the summer term, best-selling poet and short story writer Jen Campbell took time out of her busy schedule to visit Year 2 pupils at Holy Family RC Primary School, off Prior Street, in Darlington.

During her time with the children, Ms Campbell shared her second children's book, Franklin and Luna Go to the Moon, which pupils have enjoyed reading during the term.

In preparation for her arrival, the talented pupils made a magnificent model of main character Franklin – a 605-year-old dragon searching high and low with his best friend Luna the tortoise to find out where dragons come from in the hopes of finding his long lost family.

A spokeswoman for the Holy Family RC Primary School said: "Jen also shared her love of writing and inspired the children to be creative, encouraging their use of rhyme when describing animals that may live on the fictitious planet created by the class.

"Some of the ideas the children came up with were dragons riding wagons, cheetahs eating fajitas, poodles eating noodles whilst on Google and tigers acting like liars.

"Jen was so impressed with their ideas and even joked that she would steal some for her next book."

She added: "The children had a wonderful time and were all inspired to let their imaginations loose and came up with some awesome ideas."