A VITAL project to protect and shelter dozen of homeless dogs is halfway towards completion and on course to offer even more facilities to support rescue pups.

Dogs Trust’s Sadberge-based rehoming centre, Darlington, has completed the first stage of a rebuild process, which got under way in 2018.

The large-scale project is due for completion in July 2020 and will include more kennels, a dedicated training and behaviour centre, as well as a hydrotherapy pool for dogs recovering from injury.

At the moment, the team are on the lookout for more foster carers to join their Home From Home programme, while the rebuild progresses.

Kennel space is limited, so it is important the team ensure they have as many active foster carers as possible. Ideal foster carers would be adult-only families that have a bit more time on their hands to spend with a canine companion.

From Thursday, July 11, there will be some changes to how staff and members of the public can access the Rehoming Centre. A new car parking entrance will be located at the South of the Rehoming Centre grounds and the reception area will be temporarily relocated, although all changes will be signposted on arrival.

Sue Embleton, Rehoming Centre manager at Dogs Trust Darlington, said: “Dogs Trust Darlington will remain open during the second phase of the rebuild process, however we ask that anyone visiting the Rehoming Centre be patient with us as there will be limited parking facilities.

"We will continue to do the best we can to help everyone in their search for a new companion.

“The new centre will boast a state-of-the-art hydrotherapy pool where dogs can be aided in recovery if they have undergone surgery or have long-term mobility problems. There will be a new training and play area where dogs can spend valuable time with their designated canine carers.

“I’m very proud of my team because they have maintained successful adoption figures after a year and a half of disruptions to the daily running of the centre due to construction works.

"Despite disruptions due to construction works, in 2018 we successfully rehomed more than 1,000 dogs.”

For more information on the Dogs Trust Darlington’s rebuild or to enquire about adopting or becoming a foster carer, call 01325-638143 or visit dogstrust.org.uk/our-centres/darlington