A STAND-UP comedian from Darlington has secured a place in the Edinburgh Fringe in August.

Matt Hoss, 25, will present Here Comes Your Man, which is described as an engaging show about love, sex and the need for men to be more open about their feelings.

The show delivers raw anecdotes and emotionally honest routines about the last year of an eventful love life.

Organisers say during the show, you hear Matt’s relatable and personable tales of finding and losing his first true love, as Matt guides the audience, with his upbeat persona, through a confessional yet sentimental narrative about learning to turn break-ups into a positive experience.

After a year of major heartbreak and disastrous dates, he has created this stand-up comedy show because he felt it was the only way to talk through his pain.

Mr Hoss said: “Men should be more open about their feelings and their friends should engage with those feelings, instead of dismissing it or laughing it off.

"Ultimately, it’s a discussion about men’s mental health and how men rarely communicate their feelings or their vulnerabilities.

"This leads onto dealing with a break-up in a non-toxic way. But at the heart of it, it is not a show about falling in love – it’s a strong journey about self-acceptance."

For more information, visit www.matthosscomedy.com or search for Matt Hoss on social media, or visit www.edfringe.com for more on Edinburgh Fringe.