A BRIDGE in Darlington has been permanently closed to traffic following a structural survey to assess its integrity.

The bridge over Cocker Beck on Westbrook Terrace was temporarily closed to vehicles in July last year after concerns were raised over the safety of the structure.

A consultation with residents in the area off High Northgate was carried out by Darlington Borough Council and the decision has been made to keep the small bridge.

A Darlington Borough Council spokesman said: "After careful technical consideration and consultation with local residents a decision was made to keep the bridge, but to introduce a weight limit.

"This means the bridge is now permanently closed to vehicles and will only be available for people walking or cycling.

"Since this decision was made we’ve been working hard to improve the bridge, laying new paving slabs on the footpath, adding a crossing point with a dropped curb and providing a route for cycling on the road where traffic used to flow."

Resurfacing work will take place on Westbrook Terrace on the week beginning June 17, with all work expected to be complete by June 21.