DRONES are set to take flight across a Darlington beauty spot in response to an increase in anti-social behaviour and criminal activity.

Police will deploy the drones in a bid to film and capture footage of those committing offences along the riverbanks at Broken Scar, off Coniscliffe Road.

In recent weeks, police have received reports of people settings of fires, littering and leaving broken glass at the peaceful picnic area popular with families and walkers.

Last month, a 15-year-old was found unconscious on rocks in the middle of the River Tees near Broken Scar after drinking around a litre of vodka.The teenager was later taken to hospital with hypothermia.

A Darlington Police spokesman said: "On listening to the public’s feedback, we will be utilising the use of a drone to capture those involved in such activities.

"A number of laminated signs have been placed along the riverbank advising the public about the use of the drones in the area."