A PRIMARY school which has set out to teach children about problems of plastic waste has finished its mural.

In March pupils at Gurney Pease Academy, in Darlington, set out to create the piece using plastic bottle tops.

Led by teacher David Ferrari, the aim of the mural was to help children understand the impact of plastic pollution in light of the current 'plastic crisis'.

For its Science Week, the school held a competition to see which class could bring in the most plastic bottle tops for the prize of extra play time.

The finished wall features the phrase “keep our sea plastic free” with pictures of marine animals.

The Northern Echo:

The finished mural

Mr Ferrari said: “We’re trying to change the behaviour of the children so they are aware that all these little plastic objects matter, and the choices that they make with these objects are very important choices.

“Do they throw it away? Do they try and use them again? Or, most importantly, do they decide at the first point to buy them or not?

“But also, involving parents means children are having these discussions within the family, as well as at school, and the message of responsible plastic use can become a normal thing in their home.”