TRIBUTES have been paid to a once familiar face around Darlington.

For around a hundred years, Fred Moore’s family ran a stall on the town’s outdoor market selling fresh fish to crowds of shoppers.

Mr Moore took over the business from his father, who had inherited it from his own father and him in turn from another relative, with the Moores thereby becoming a regular fixture at the bustling market for generations.

Following a long illness, Fred Moore died on Monday, October 8 and has been remembered fondly by his loved ones and those who recall stopping by his stall.

The popular Darlington man was 73 when he died and had been living in the town’s Rydal Care Home after suffering a series of strokes.

His time working at the markets was a defining feature of his life, according to his son Phil Moore, who said Mr Moore had also served as chair of the town’s Market Association.

Paying loving tribute to his hardworking father, Mr Moore Jr said : “My dad was really well known within the town, from his time on the outdoor market.

“He was the last person to have a fish stall there, there’s still a fishmonger in the covered market but my dad was the last man standing on the stalls outside.

“Dad had gone into business with his father, Stan Moore, who had taken over from his cousin.

“F&S Moore operated from the market for decades but dad retired a good few years ago now – once the town centre started going into decline, the business died.

“He was known for his fishcakes, loads of people would go to his stall for them and to get their fish fresh, rather than from the supermarket.

“His was a friendly face and he became highly respected by other traders.

“Dad was very proud of being part of the community for so long.”

Mr Moore Jr added: “He was also my dad and a grandfather of four, of course, and I will remember him for having a big heart.

“He could be very stubborn but he did what he could to help the community and I’m sure he will be remembered by many.”

All who wish to pay their respects to Mr Moore are invited to attend a service at the Lawson Street Methodist Church, taking place from 1pm on Wednesday, October 24.