A HEADTEACHER is calling on youths to end their spate of vandalism at his school before someone is seriously injured.

Over the past few weeks Abbey Infant School in Darlington has been targeted on several occasions with the children's play area being trashed, windows broken, a water pipe pulled off the wall and someone falling through the roof of the building.

After the latest incident over the weekend, Jonathan Briggs, the head of Abbey Infant School, said enough is enough.

"Unfortunately over the past few weeks we have had a number of break-ins," he said. "They have been breaking in, turning over tables, destroying our reception area, going on the roof – which is obviously very dangerous – and breaking into various cupboards.

"We would like to ask those people to please stop because it is not only causing damage to the school and costing us lots of money but it is also a danger to them."

Police have been called in to investigate the growing problem of vandalism at the school, based on Cleveland Terrace.

PC Chris Horner said: "These vandals have caused thousands of pounds worth of damage. It looks like it is uses getting into the school field and they have just been destroying things. We really need to stop this happening."

As well as vandalising the school, the yobs have even smashed up the children's planting area destroying all their hard work.

Jodie Scott, the facilities manager for the Federation of Abbey Schools, said the problem started around three weeks ago.

"It is totally mindless vandalism," she said. "It's not all about the monetary value, that is bad enough, but it is the damage they are doing to the children's play area and their strawberry patch where they have been learning about growing their own fruit and vegetables.

"Clearly, they are seeing the school as an easy target but the police are now involved so hopefully this problem will get sorted out sooner rather than later before someone is seriously injured.

"Enough is enough and it is time that these people stopped."

Anyone with information can call Durham Police on non emergency number 101.