A MOVE to Darlington has proved to be a boost for a host of recently recruited Italian nurses.

Since 2015, Darlington Memorial Hospital has recruited 81 nurses from Italy.

Mirco Montinari – who works in the clinical assessment unit at Darlington Memorial Hospital – moved to the North-East a year ago and has already been promoted.

He said: “Working here has given me the opportunity to develop and take on more responsibility in a way I didn’t get in Italy. I feel my skills and experience are valued and there’s also a culture of support, encouragement and opportunity.”

His colleagues, staff nurse Sergio D’Urso and theatre worker Giulia Bassan married in August after meeting at the hospital.

Mr D’Urso said: “Giulia is from near Venice so it’s unlikely we would have met had we not both applied to work at Darlington Memorial Hospital.

“We’ve made Darlington our home and love the north of England countryside.”