In a new regular column for The Northern Echo, Darlington captain Kevin Burgess, who joined the club in the summer of 2015, takes a look at this week’s events at the club

WE started the season with a 2-2 draw at Altrincham and we’ll take the positives from it – we’re pleased with the point but should probably have got the win against a very good team.

Every game we go into, home and away, is going to be really tough and every point will have been earnt. But overall we’re disappointed we didn’t win because of the penalty shout right at the end.

I won a penalty – I got a kick on my foot – and Terry Galbraith scored from the spot to make it 2-2 in injury-time, but after that Tom Portas was fouled and it was worse than mine.

I watched the goals online on Saturday night, and then on Sunday morning I watched the highlights - the ball was played over by Josh Gillies and their lads has completely taken out Tom, he didn’t get anywhere near the ball. Tom has got in front of him with his space, the defender hasn’t seen him.

The referee had a choice to make – either award a penalty and give Darlington three points, or don’t give the penalty and end the game as a draw. It was a decision he didn’t want to make having just given us a penalty two minutes previously. If it had been 2-1 to Altrincham at the time he would’ve given us the penalty, no doubt about it, and that’s so frustrating.

I know it’s hard for referee’s, they’re making split-second decisions, but those lost points could be crucial at the end of the season.

But we’ve come away with our heads held high and with nothing to fear.

THE penalty he didn’t give was the talking point on the bus on the way home for about ten minutes, and then the new lads had their initiation ceremony – they all had to stand up and sing to the rest of us.

They got the mic out and there was some awful singing. Nightingale’s was decent and so was Liam Marrs’, but halfway through Mark Beck’s the bus driver braked suddenly and he fell into the window, so we had to cut that one short, which was probably a relief.

Josh Gillies was probably the worst. He is quite reserved but I can see him coming out of his shell as the season goes on. He’s only just signed and it’s very rare you get a new signed that’s really boisterous straight away.

He looks a really good player for us and I expect he’ll have a good season.

THE match was our first after getting promoted and the quality was better, both on and off the ball. That quality ball Altrincham put into the box for their first goal with a header – and I don’t know whether he meant to do that or intended to flick the ball on – we were punished for that one time we’d switched off. Last season that cross might not have made it in, or the player might not have got that header on target. You get punished if you switch off at any time in the game.

We have quality in our side too, though. I’ve said before, the quality of the balls into the box at set-pieces is absolutely brilliant, they allow you to be able to attack the ball.

I scored a bullet header and to be able to score it in front of 500 Darlo fans made it even better.

That made it 1-1, and then later on I was fouled for Tez’s penalty. It was the side of my foot that got kicked and I couldn’t walk after the match. It’s just a bit of pain and it should be alright by the end of the week. I’ll probably not train Tuesday and then be back training on Thursday.