A DARLINGTON man will travel to the depths of the rainforest to help impoverished children.

Callum Blades is preparing to head to the Amazon where he aims to change lives by digging wells and working with youngsters.

The 18-year-old student and volunteer sports coach is trying to raise £1,500 to travel to Ecuador to help improve community infrastructure and education.

Once there, he plans to engage with the locals, educate children and work to provide clean drinking water and better sanitation.

Mr Blades said nobody should be denied the opportunity to have clean drinking water or go to school.

He said: “I’m dyslexic and have had to overcome many challenges during education – I can’t wait to help those in the Amazon overcome their challenges too.

“I haven’t done anything like this before but I can’t wait to get started.

“Anyone that supports me will be helping to make a real difference and changing people’s lives.

“These people have got absolutely nothing compared to what we have here.”

Mr Blades aims to travel out in June 2016 and has launched a fundraising campaign ahead of the trip.

Money raised will be used for travel expenses and to purchase building materials and equipment, resources for the school and hiring of local tradesmen to assist with the project.

A monetary donation will also be given to the local community.

To support Mr Blades or find out more by visiting facebook.com/amazetheamazon.