OVER many months, friends living on Eastmount Road, Hurworth, have expressed concerns over the volume and speed of traffic using this road.

They have suffered a number of incidents involving damage to property and vehicles.

The extent of the danger was tragically illustrated by a fatal accident on this road in early December.

Therefore, on their behalf, I contacted Councillor Nick Wallis, Darlington Borough Council's cabinet member for transport, to pass on their concerns in the hope that traffic-calming measures may be considered for the area.

Despite a number of promises and assurances from Coun Wallis, ten weeks have passed and there has been no contact whatsoever from council officers on this matter, and no indication that the residents' concerns are being addressed or even considered.

I would suggest that this lack of response and inaction is a sad indictment of the current system of accountability that this particular councillor has been so keen to defend of late. - Ian Holme, Hurworth.