RESTORATIVE justice is helping fractured communities come together, according to a passionate volunteer.

Rosie Dixon, 22, devotes her spare time to working with Darlington’s Neighbourhood Resolution scheme, which works to resolve neighbourhood disputes using restorative approaches.

By acting as mediators between feuding neighbours or relatives, volunteers are helping to prevent disputes escalating to a criminal level, says Miss Dixon.

Encouraging more people to get involved and volunteer with the scheme, she said: “Volunteering lets you give something back to the community and this has a big impact as it helps people to rebuild relationships and empowers them to deal with issues they might have in the future.

“The scheme has had a lot of success and I think it prevents people becoming involved in more serious activity and may stop them from offending.

“Volunteering doesn’t take much time out of your day and this is something that really benefits the people of Darlington and the community, it’s a very powerful tool and helps people to move forward.”

For more information on the Neighbourhood Resolution scheme and to enquire about volunteer opportunities, contact Andrew Hancock at Darlington Council on 01325 346872 or 07507 648043 or e-mail