DEMENTIA sufferers in Darlington have taken up a new sport after being inspired by the over-80s Ping Pong World Champion.

Age UK Darlington recently showed their clients Ping Pong, a documentary featuring Terry Donlan, a UK man who became world champion in 2010 aged 82.

Since then, the sport has been taken up by a number of people who participate in the organisation’s Day Care and Day Opportunities sessions.

Age UK’s Sue White said: “The customers are loving the table-top ping pong tournaments we are hosting, even the gentlest of characters can suddenly become very competitive.

“Our experience is showing that the concentration levels required alongside the dexterity are making this a fun way to exercise which is having very positive outcomes for many people.

“Research is indicating that people with early and mid-stage dementia can really benefit from this activity.”

A ping pong tournament will be held at Age UK Darlington - in Bradbury House, Beaumont Street West - on Wednesday August 28 from 11am.

For more details, contact Sue White by emailing or calling 01325-362832.