Q How many joint injections is it safe to have? I know I’ve got arthritis in my knees, but I really don’t want an operation.

Jack, 75

A There isn’t a set number as a rule.

The decision to do more than one is based upon whether you got any benefit from the first one, and how long that benefit lasted.

If you get three months good quality pain relief, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to ask for another, however, if it was much less, physiotherapy is another option that doesn’t involve surgery.

Even if you and your GP decide on a referral to a knee surgeon, this doesn’t commit you to an operation, but will give you the chance to be reviewed by a specialist, which is important if your pain is particularly bad or you are suffering significant disability.

Q I’m still struggling to control my bladder. I had my first child nine months ago and I’ve tried lots of online pelvic floor exercises, but I’m not even sure if I’m doing them right.

Joanna, 36

A I am sorry to hear this. It is obvious that you are struggling.

Continence issues are unfortunately common, especially after vaginal delivery.

It is always worth discussing this with your routine GP. They may wish to examine you, to check for issues including a prolapse.

Pelvic floor exercises can often be difficult to master without guidance, but there are dedicated physiotherapists who can be accessed either through the NHS or privately.

These exercises can produce good results, provided they are done correctly and you persist with them.

Surgery is reserved for those cases where pelvic floor exercises don’t produce the desired outcome, or if there is an obvious abnormality that needs correcting.

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