Q After a dear friend died 10 weeks after finally being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, I realise that many women do not know the signs and symptoms to be aware of. Can you help?


A I am very sorry to hear about your friend. The symptoms of ovarian cancer can often be subtle, and indeed may be attributed to other less concerning conditions.

They include abdominal bloating, bladder issues and pelvic pain. These are sometimes put down to irritable bowel syndrome, however, it is unusual for irritable bowel syndrome to start after the age of 50, and I would encourage anyone with these symptoms to speak with their doctor rather than ignore them, especially if the person is slightly older.

The first tests for ovarian cancer are an ultrasound of the pelvis and a blood test.

Q I sweat a lot. It is worse when I go to the gym, or when I’m stressed. What can I do

Janice, 32

A Sweating, fortunately, or unfortunately, is normal and is the body’s way of getting rid of excess heat.

When you sweat, the water evaporates, cooling you down so you do not overheat.

However, certain situations or triggers, including caffeine, alcohol and indeed stress can make it worse.

Apart from avoiding or limiting these, you can buy or be prescribed aluminium based deodorants, which you apply usually to your hands and armpits before you go to bed at night, and wash off in the morning.

If this doesn’t work, your GP may refer you for treatment, where Botox is directly injected into the sweat glands.

A surgical procedure involving damaging nerves in the spinal cord that control sweating, is reserved for the most severe cases.

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