THE number of people diagnosed with diabetes across County Durham and Darlington has tipped over the 40,000 mark.

According to new analysis released today by Diabetes UK, the new figures show that the number of people who have been diagnosed with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes has increased across these areas by an estimated 1,860 since last year – from 38,620 to 40,480.

Durham Dales, Easington and Sedgefield NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) area has the highest prevalence of diabetes in the area with 7.9 per cent of people living with a diagnosis while North Durham CCG has the lowest incidence with 7.1 per cent of the population affected. The national average is 6.6 per cent.

While Type 1 diabetes isn’t currently preventable, three in five cases of Type 2 diabetes can be prevented or delayed.

Stephen Ryan, head of the north at Diabetes UK, said: “Unless we act, and urgently, diabetes prevalence will continue to rise.”

He added: “Both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are serious conditions that can lead to devastating complications such as amputation, blindness, kidney disease, stroke and heart disease if people don’t receive the right care.”

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