A NORTH-EAST man has been left completely unable to feel fear after an operation to cure a rare condition.

Jordy Cernik has skydived from 17,500ft, scaled the outside of a 400ft building and even auditioned for the X-Factor in an attempt to scare himself - but so far to no avail.

After suffering from rare and potentially fatal hormone condition Cushings Syndrome, Mr Cernik finally had his adrenal glands removed after a series of unsuccessful brain operations.

The surgery in 2010 left his body unable to produce adrenaline or energy and he has to take 25 steroid tablets a day.

However, the 42-year-old never imagined another side effect would be a total inability to feel fear, an issue which only came to light two years after the operation during a rollercoaster ride on a trip to Disneyland Paris with his wife and daughters.

Mr Cernik, from Jarrow, South Tyneside, said: “I was listening to the screams of all the children and parents on the ride with me.

“When we got up to the big drop I just simply did not get a feeling.”

Since then, the radio producer has tried a variety of daredevil stunts to test his adrenaline levels, but says that each time he “feels nothing”.

The ex-fusilier wore a heart monitor as he climbed the gigantic National Lift Tower, in Northampton - which proved the terrifying activity drew a blank.

He has also tried skydiving, snow biking, dog sledding, marathons and zip-wired across the River Tyne.

Mr Cernik added: “I miss having the thrill of ambition.

“The downside is that I struggle now to get excited over anything.”