A CHARITY creating second chances for ex-offenders is hoping to bring its services to County Durham.

The Oswin Project, founded in 2012, is helping former prisoners find long term employment by sourcing work and apprenticeship opportunities in the North-East.

The organisation was inspired when its founder visited a prison in 2009 and was shocked by the conditions.

The charity has gained clients from HM Prison Kirklevington Grange and is in the beginning stages of working with HM Prison Durham.

Founding director, Fiona Sample said: “We have had 63 offenders through our doors with levels of reoffending being very small.”

“We are a small organisation but in the future, we plan to become a franchise with hopes to become national.”

The organisation is currently working with Sodexo Justice Services to supply bread to a North-East prison and change the lives of former offenders.

If you are a North-East business able to employ an ex-offender email fiona.sample@oswinproject.org.uk