A PEEPING Tom who set up a spy camera to watch a woman while she was in the bath could face jail.

Christopher John Turnbull, 31, of Doric Road, New Brancepath, near Durham, admitted a charge of voyeurism by recording another person doing a private act, when he appeared before a district judge in Newton Aycliffe yesterday.

John Garside, prosecuting, said Turnbull's victim, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, had said she needed a bath.

Turnbull, who lived in Darlington at the time, offered to run her the bath upstairs and then left her to get into it.

"She gets into the bathroom and gets undressed," said Mr Garside.

"She got into the bath and while she is lying in the bath she notices a camera pointed towards her.

"She gets out and turns the camera away from herself and goes into the bedroom to get away from it."

Allan Devine, mitigating on behalf of Turnbull, said his relationship with his partner had broken down following the incident last year and he had been living with his cousin until just before last Christmas.

However, he had now resumed the relationship and was living with his partner again.

Mr Garside said: "There are some aggravating factors here, such as a breach of trust."

District Judge Capstick said: "There are some aspects of this case that need to be looked into fully and properly.

"I think this matter should be dealt with in due course at the Crown Court."

Turnbull will next appear at Durham Crown Court on Thursday, March 22 for sentencing.

He was remanded on unconditional bail until his next court appearance.

  • Voyeurism is an offence which can be tried either at Magistrates Court or at the Crown Court and carries punishments of up to two years in prison, depending on the circumstances of the crime.

At the lower end, offenders can expect a fine and a community order.