A MAN who was tortured at a flat by a former friend has told how he was made to mop up his own blood and had his wounds superglued together.

Jordan Weldon was subjected to a harrowing ordeal at the hands of Aaron Stephenson, who told him he was “going to die that night”.

His tormentor also told the 22-year-old landscape gardener he had someone at his house ready to take his two-year-old daughter away.

The nightmare began after a night out at a rave in Newcastle when Mr Weldon went to Stephenson’s partner’s flat on Front Street in South Moor, Stanley, with a friend.

The door was locked behind them, and the beating started almost immediately.

Mr Weldon, from Witton Gilbert, said: “I knew I was in trouble. It was kicks, punches and elbows. He hit me hundreds of times.”

The initial attack lasted between 10 and 15 minutes, after Stephenson accused Mr Weldon of hitting his former girlfriend while she was pregnant.

Durham Crown Court was told he said: “I have been advised to kill you tonight. I have got someone at your home to take your little girl away. You are going to die in this flat tonight.”

Mr Weldon said Stephenson, 23, a former school friend from Fyndoune Community College in Sacriston, stopped to have a cigarette, but came back from the kitchen with a knife, which he tapped on his battered victim’s head.

Stephenson then plunged the tip of the blade into Mr Weldon’s knee, slashed his upper right arm and chopped at his left wrist.

Mr Weldon said: “His girlfriend started screaming, there was blood everywhere.

“He made me clean up my own blood with my clothes. I had to take my T-shirt off to wipe it up.

“He told me I was making a mess. Every time I got blood on the floor I got hit. Every time I blood on him I got hit.”

Mr Weldon said Stephenson, who had been drinking heavily, then announced his plan to use superglue to close the wound on his wrist.

Mr Weldon said: “He took me to the table and glued me up. There was so much going through my mind I cannot explain. I knew I needed medical treatment.

“After I cleaned the blood he tapped me on the shoulder and said ‘nice Aaron’s back now” and gave me a cigarette and a change of clothes.

“Later on, he said ‘torturing takes it out of you. I’m knackered’.”

But it was not long before Stephenson’s cruelty returned.

He put Mr Weldon in a wrestling choke hold, knocking him unconscious on the settee.

Mr Weldon woke and was instructed not to leave by Stephenson who went to lie down.

But he managed to get a lift from the house by sending text messages on his phone and Stephenson’s friend advised him to get out while he could.

Mr Weldon is still recovering from his injuries, but the experience has left him traumatised.

He said: “He was grabbing hold of me and licking my face where the blood was. He was licking my head and tasting it. It was horrible, absolutely horrible.

“I can see his face, I can see him doing it in my head.

“He said torturing people was like crack. He said ‘once you have had your first crack pipe you are addicted’.

“He said it was the same as torturing people, ‘it’s an addiction’. He is nuts.”