AT least one child was bitten at the weekend by a large dog running loose in a Darlington park.

A young girl was bitten on the hand by the dog, which police described as a Rottweiler but onlookers described as a possible Staffordshire bull terrier crossbreed.

The dog attack took place as it ran around North Park, off Whessoe Road, off its leash at about 3.15pm on Saturday.

One woman said the dog - described as 'huge' - jumped up at her children as they played in the park.

And a mother said her child was bitten on the Wellington boot by the animal, but this was not initially reported to police.

She said: "He was sledging down the big hill and it ran over to him.

"Luckily he had his wellies on but still managed to mark his leg.

"She (the owner) didn't even come to apologise or anything.

"It then ran over and jumped up at a little girl about three years old and started biting at her coat - it was so scary. The dog was huge as well."

Darlington Police said: "Luckily the bite has only resulted in bad bruising.

"The dog is not believed to have been aggressive but playing and got over-excited."

The owner of the dog was described as female and in her late 20s or early 30s.

She was wearing a grey or light coloured jeans and a coat.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact police on 101, quoting reference number DHM-20102018-0276.