POLICE and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Julia Mulligan has welcomed a report highlighting the way women on their periods in custody are treated by officers.

Ms Mulligan, PCC for North Yorkshire, said that no areas of concern had been raised in her region but she was in full support of the research carried out by the Independent Custody Visiting Association.

The Association wrote to the Home Secretary Amber Rudd expressing concerns over what may be a violation of the human rights of menstruating prisoners.

Once instance was highlighted of a detainee wearing a white paper prison suit who was on her period but was not given any sanitary protection.

The Association called on the government to introduce new guidelines such as providing women with a hygiene pack and ensuring access to handwashing facilities.

Commenting on the letter, Ms Mulligan said: “I have not had any specific concerns raised about this issue via our Independent Custody Visitors here in North Yorkshire, but we are always alive to the needs of women in custody and do our best to ensure the necessary support is in place.”

She added: “Notwithstanding that no direct issues have been raised on this issue in North Yorkshire, I will be raising this with the Chief Constable and will continue to monitor the situation.”