PEOPLE are being urged to be vigilant following a report of a telephone fraudster pretending to be from the police.

The hoax caller claimed they worked for Durham Constabulary and was carrying out work with local schools to reduce anti-social behaviour through a scheme called Bad Apples.

They then requested the victim paid £6 to sponsor a booklet created as part of the scheme.

The victim requested that the fraudster sent the information over in an email.

When no email came through, the victim became suspicious and called the police.

A Durham Constabulary spokesperson said: “We would never ask people for money over the phone and would urge people to be vigilant and hang up on fraud.

“Official bodies such banks and the police do not carry out their business in this way. If you have any concerns about a call, a text or a voicemail you have received then simply say that you do not do business on the phone and hang up.”