NEWS that Darlington’s Labour councillors are to hand enforcement of littering and dog fouling to a for-profit company should ring alarm bells for council employees and residents alike (Echo, Mar 1).

These anti-social crimes can and should be enforced with the fines returned to council coffers.

We have all witnessed the scandals surrounding G4S, Atos, Amey and most recently Carillion.

Sheffield residents are protesting right now as street trees are felled for profit.

These companies make their profit by employing staff on the lowest possible pay and conditions and by doing what suits their shareholders best, not the citizens of Darlington.

This looks like the thin end of the wedge as a council, desperate for money, looks to hand over duties to private companies, in effect becoming a shadow council.

I have little confidence that the council will be better than national government in managing this type of contract and tax payers will not get value for money.

Council employees in other departments must also be looking over their shoulders, wondering if their department is the next to be sold down the river.

Darlington Green Party oppose the privatisation of council services.

Matthew Snedker, Darlington Green Party