THE Friends of Darlington Libraries decided again this year to repeat putting 12 Trees of Christmas throughout Crown Street Library, including two the librarians had already put up.

This year we managed nine of our own, making a total of 11, so we have added the librarian’s tiny one to make up the twelfth.

Next year, who knows? If Crown Street Library is still operating we will ask the public again to take part.

We left two bare trees for the children to decorate themselves, one in the Children’s Library and one in the Art Gallery, so please call in and see our efforts, and perhaps take out a book to or two for over the Christmas period.

Sometimes it’s the same old movies on TV, although I have from a good source that the Twelve Trees of Christmas will be on again soon – well worth a watch!

On a downside, the tree in the foyer had a sign on depicting the Friends’ theme for this year – ‘Authors, Artists and Poets’ – and also with the Friends’ very best wishes to you all for a very happy Christmas.

Yes it’s gone missing!! Does anyone know where?

Christine Fishwick, Friend of Darlington Libraries