NORTH-EAST X Factor hopeful James Arthur has made a full recovery after collapsing at the weekend and “simply blew the rest of the contestants out the water”, according to his sister.

Sian Arthur said the family have been overwhelmed with support for the singer from Saltburn, east Cleveland. James had an anxiety attack after Saturday night’s performance and an ambulance was called, although he was not taken to hospital.

However, the tattooed singer said it was simply because he gave everything to his performance and he appeared on Sunday night’s show where he was the first contestant to go through.

Miss Arthur, who lives in Glasgow, said: “We really appreciate The Northern Echo and the whole of the North- East getting behind James.

“He’s okay after Saturday’s scare and we are all extremely proud of him. His performance on Saturday blew the rest of the contestants out of the water.

“We just want everyone in the North-East to keep on voting for him and want everyone to know that we appreciate the continuing support he is getting.”

Miss Arthur, 25 – a year older than her brother – said his talent first really began to shine when the family lived in Bahrain for five years.

James was part of many productions at The British School of Bahrain. When they returned to Teesside he started joining bands and has been gigging since he was 14.

Miss Arthur said: “His bands Traceless, Moonlight Drive and Save Arcade were the most well-known. Save Arcade got to support massive American rock bands, Mayday Parade and The Dangerous Summer which was crazy, as I am huge fans of theirs.

“They were just starting to get noticed when they decided to go their separate ways.” She revealed James had auditioned for The Voice, a BBC talent show, in Glasgow and got to the final 200 but just missed out.

“I know that James sees that as a positive outcome though, as it made him stronger and instilled more belief in him that he could enter competitions like the X Factor and actually get somewhere.”