A 4D cinema experience was launched yesterday at a North-East visitor attraction.

There were screams all round when schoolchildren from the region came faceto- face with Dracula as the Life Science Centre, in Newcastle, launched its latest ride.

Created by awardwinning Sheffield-based Red Star 3D films, Dracula 4D is the tale of cool skateboarder Kevin and his bumbling father, on holiday in Transylvania, looking for shelter for the night.

Riders are taken on an adrenalin-pumping, fastpaced adventure that sees Kevin showing off all his skateboarding moves as he dodges through the tunnels, caves and underground lakes in Transylvania to escape the clutches of Count Dracula, who has been woken from his coffin.

Ian Simmons, science communications director at Life, said: “Dracula 4D is an exciting addition for our visitors and the elements of surprise created by the 4D effects really add to the experience. I’m sure it will be a firm favourite this Halloween.”

The Dracula 4D Motion Ride will run until November 10 and is part of Life’s Halloween celebrations.