THE parents of murdered teenager Jenny Nicholl will mark the seventh anniversary of their daughter’s death today.

Brian and Ann Nicholl will visit the woodland near Richmond, North Yorkshire, where police suspect Miss Nicholl was killed on June 30, 2005.

The couple have issued a new photograph of their daughter to mark the anniversary.

It shows Miss Nicholl, who was 19 when she was murdered by married father-of-two David Hodgson, smiling as she plays an electric guitar.

The Nicholls will visit Sandbeck Plantation, on the outskirts of Richmond beside the road towards Catterick Garrison, where several of the teenager’s possessions - including her portable stereo and teddy - were found hidden in the woods after her disappearance.

The couple will put up a poster which will feature the new photograph and the message “those we love are only a thought away”.

Miss Nicholl disappeared after leaving her family home in Richmond telling her mother she would not be back that night.

It is thought Hodgson, 53, killed the shopworker during a camping trip later that night.

The unemployed gardener was convicted of murder after a court heard the pair had been lovers, meeting in wooden hides in the plantation.

Prosecutors suggested the relationship came to a violent end when Hodgson became jealous over his brother Robert's growing friendship with the teenager.

Despite repeated requests from her family, police and the coroner, the killer has so far refused to disclose how Miss Nicholl died or where he hid her body.

The trial judge told Hodgson he would serve a minimum of 18 years in prison, however his release is likely to depend on him revealing the teenager’s location.

Miss Nicholl - a Jimi Hendrix fan - was a member of rock band No Fouling and played at the Richmond Live music festival.

The group made it to the final of the Battle of the Bands contest in 2002.