Say what you like about The Sun but, more often than not, it gets it spot on in terms of its target market.

But when it gets it wrong it gets it badly wrong. The offence caused to the people of Liverpool over Hillsborough, and the notorious "Bonkers Bruno" headline in 2003, are two notable examples.

This morning's Sun front page, ridiculing Roy Hodgson's speech inpediment, is another misjudgement. It's not funny, it's not clever and it's not right.

It's a sneering front page, laying down a marker on The Sun's approach to Hodgson's appointment as England manager.

Disability issues aside, I just don't understand why he should be turned into a figure of ridicule before he's even started in the job. Oh, let's stick the boot in right from the start, why don't we.

Why do the British red-tops take such delight in knocking people down? What's the point? Shouldn't we at least try to give the man a bit of support at the outset? After all, we want him to be successful, don't we?

I sometimes wonder about that last question in particular when it comes to some journalists.

Instead, it's Woy of the Euwos, faced with beating Ukwaine and Fwance. The Mirror gets in on the "Woy" act too, though not quite as gratuitously. Cheap and boring.

Heaven help Roy Hodgson if Euro 2012 goes badly. He'll be swiftly turned into a cabbage, a turnip or, more likely, a wadish or a beetwoot.

I've been asked to go on BBC 5 Live later today to give my views on Hodgson's treatment by the media.

I'll no doubt be told by some that I've lost my sense of humour. But the reaction of others - including Sun readers this morning - reinforces my view.

I got my haircut in a Darlington hairdrssers which gets the Sun delivered and the same "bad taste" verdict was being voiced there.

I haven't lost my sense of humour. When it gets it right The Sun often makes me laugh out loud - but not this morning.