PUPILS who are creating bespoke outfits for their school prom are hoping to gain a little expert advice from one of the world’s leading fashion designers this week.

Youngsters from County Durham who are taking part in a proms project will visit Bruce Oldfield at his London studio tomorrow.

The group are all pupils at Tudhoe Grange and Spennymoor Schools, which will be replaced by a single school next summer.

They have decided to use their passion for fashion and creative flair to design and make unique prom dresses and suits, in favour of off-the-peg costumes.

After the group contacted Mr Oldfield, who was brought up in nearby Hett village and was educated at Ripon Grammar School, he agreed to mentor the scheme from afar.

He then invited them to his workshop where they hope to share their ideas and gather inspiration and advice from the designer- a favourite of Hollywood actresses and royalty including the late Princess Diana.

The pupils’ designs are at various stages- some still drawings and fabric swatches on an idea board while others have started assembling their outfits.

The only boy in the group of 14, Bon-Scott Bramwell (correct), 15, said: "If I’ve done something in my style I can go to the prom happy, I’d rather go in something that suits me and I like than something everyone else has."

Chloe Heslop, 15, said: "I’m really excited about meeting Bruce Oldfield, I follow him on Twitter and have lots of questions about how he got into fashion and what inspires him.

"This project is really good. I’ve made new friends, enjoy the work, will end up with a one-of-a-kind dress and everything gets so expensive for one event this will save money."

And Sian Robinson, 15, a fan of Lady Gaga’s bold style, dreams of a career in fashion and said: "This is a great experience and we’re lucky to have the chance to meet someone as big as Bruce Oldfield."

Jane Wright, an art teacher at Tudhoe Grange who is helping to lead the project, said the school leavers’ prom and the project provide a positive distraction to the stress of exams and reward pupils for their hard work.

The scheme is being led by the Spennymoor extended services team, funded by Spennymoor Area Action Partnership and supported by skilled volunteers.