A MARRIED man accused of downloading child pornography and taking part in a vile on-line chat about abuse has been found guilty by a jury.

Father-of-two Albert Adderley looked stunned and shook his head when the verdicts on the 17 charges he faced were delivered yesterday afternoon.

He will be sentenced at Teesside Crown Court in August once background reports have been prepared by an official from the Probation Service.

Adderley, a Darlington College tutor who lives in Durham Road, Stockton, was given bail by Recorder Eric Elliott, QC, until the next hearing.

The judge told the 55-year-old electrical instructor: "On the face of matters, this type of offending will normally attract a prison sentence."

Adderley denied being responsible for the indecent images of children found on his computer, and claimed students must have used his lap-top.

He also disputed prosecution claims that he took part in a chat-room conversation with a paedophile, in which he pretended to be a girl.

Adderley suggested that a student at his training centre must have got into his workshop while he was not there and logged onto his lap-top.

He maintained the culprit must have entered the user-name 'Sally' - the name of Adderley's dog - to chat online about child abuse.

And he told the jury that the computer's clock must have been changed by the mystery offender to cover his tracks when downloading porn.

The court heard that the times and dates on the Fujitsu machine when it was used illegally would have meant Adderley was not at work.

His account was branded "incredible" by prosecutor Ian Mularkey who said it was "simply inconceivable" students were to blame.

Adderley worked for South West Durham Training Ltd in Newton Aycliffe when the indecent images and video clips were viewed in 2006.

He left his job as an electrical instructor at the centre after three years in 2008, and became an electrical tutor at Darlington College.

The jury heard he was also a part-time photographer, and had lawful pictures of young women in swimwear and underwear on his computer.

Mr Mullarkey said in his closing speech to the jury: "It all points to the defendant having a sexual interest in young females."