A VITAL component to a hydro-electric power scheme has been winched into place.

The sandblasted steel Archimedes screw, which is more than 26 feet long and seven feet wide, is the final and major instalment to the River Bain Hydro scheme, a community project to generate electricity in Bainbridge, in upper Wensleydale, North Yorkshire.

More than 40 people watched as the gigantic 8.6 ton piece of machinery, made in Germany, was escorted through the village and lifted into place by a giant crane yesterday. Reverend Ian Robinson, a member of the scheme's management group said: "It was an exciting day, and it was a very impressive sight."

The £450,000 community hydro-electric scheme is expected to deliver about 185,000 units of electricity to the National Grid from its 45 kilowatt generator every year - the equivalent to providing power for 45 households.

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