A FAMILY got more than they bargained for when a group of dancers used the garden of their village home for a saucy photo shoot.

The dancers, dressed as cowgirls, knocked on Andrew and Vanessa Glover’s door at their home in Hamsterley, near Bishop Auckland, County Durham.

The mystery group of girls had booked an hour’s rehearsal in the village hall across the road and wanted to pose for some promotional shots for a brochure.

They asked Mrs Glover if they could pose with the family’s horse, which was in a neighbouring field.

Mrs Glover saw nothing untoward about their request so led them towards the horse.

But when she got a glimpse of the the girls from behind, she realised that the shoot was not going to be as innocent as she first thought.

They were dressed in cowboy hats and leather riding chaps, but the view from behind, showed just that – a view of their bare behinds.

Mrs Glover’s 11-year-old son said at the time: “They’ve forgotten to put their pants on, mum.”

The photo shoot then began, with the women posing provocatively in the field.

Mr Glover was 100 miles away on a business trip at the time and only heard of the unexpected visitors when he saw his 13-year-old son’s Facebook status, which read: “Result! A strip club just came 2 our door askin if they can have some fotos in our field! Get In!”

Mr Glover, who runs a media company, joked on his blog, called Questing Vole: “(My son) has frankly not been the same since the incident.

“And of course my wife saw it all. What a waste.”

Hamsterley Village Hall is more used to witnessing bridge clubs, badminton and art classes, but mystery surrounds quite what type of dance rehearsal took place during their hour-long booking after the photo shoot.

The group of women, who were accompanied by two men, have not been seen in the village since.

Mr Glover said: “It’s certainly not the kind of thing you expect in Hamsterley really.

“We have no idea who they were but my wife said they were very polite indeed.”

Nobody from the village hall committee was available for comment yesterday.

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