A SINGER who overcame cancer has launched a campaign to lower the age of eligibility for regular breast screening from 50 to 30.

In 2007, Trish Greensmith detected a lump on her left breast that turned out to be an aggressive form of cancer.

The 48-year-old, from Willington, County Durham, refused to be beaten by the disease and continued performing in clubs under her stage name of Chyrelle Addams while undergoing chemotherapy.

She also set up the Chyrelle Addams Breast Cancer Appeal, which has so far raised £61,000 towards equipment for cancer wards in the region’s hospitals.

Her next battle is to rally support for a petition to convince health chiefs to begin screening women for breast cancer from the age of 30.

The NHS said earlier mammograms were difficult because of changes in breast tissue and that younger women were less likely to contract the disease.

A pilot scheme running outside the region offers screening for women aged 47, but Mrs Greensmith said that did not go far enough.

She was diagnosed at the age of 45, but learnt the tumour had been growing for a year.

She said: “If I was eligible for a mammogram, I may have caught it sooner.

“I am lucky to be alive and that is why I want to push the issue.

“It may cost a lot of money to do it, but you cannot put a price on people’s lives.”

Pat Glass, the MP for northwest Durham, is backing Mrs Greensmith’s campaign and intends to highlight the issue in Westminster.

She said: “Trish is a magnificent and inspirational woman who has worked incredibly hard to raise vital funds for breast cancer sufferers in the North-East.

“Mammographic screening undoubtedly saves lives, and I would like to see the age range in which women are invited for screenings lowered.

“Cancer research shows that women with a mother, sister or daughter diagnosed with breast cancer have almost double the risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer themselves.”

To donate to the appeal or support the campaign, call Mrs Greensmith on 01388-746835.