A QUICK-THINKING teenager who helped save the life of an elderly man is to be honoured.

Jack Phillips, 14, came to the rescue after a 96-year-old man collapsed at Consett bus station, County Durham, at about noon on Wednesday, July 28.

The pensioner, who has not been named but is from Consett, fell and hit his head.

But Jack, from Delves Lane, near Consett, came to the rescue, giving immediate first aid, sitting him down and reassuring him until the emergency services arrived.

Later, Jack was able to give police and medics a full account of what happened and he continued to comfort and reassure the man while his condition was assessed.

The pensioner was found to have collapsed due to low blood pressure.

Paramedics said Jack’s actions in helping the man to sit down and reassuring him were of great help in his recovery.

Now the pupil of St Bede’s RC School, in Lanchester, has been nominated for a St John Ambulance Association award by Consett-based Inspector Michael McGowan, of Durham Police.

Jack said: “There was a big group of us at the bus station.

We were waiting to go to see Shrek 3D at the cinema.

“We saw a man walking around very slowly. He put his bag on a chair and fell back.

His glasses fell off, and his money fell out.

“Me and my mates picked him up, sat him on a chair and talked to him. Then a woman called the ambulance.”

Asked how he felt about his award, he said: “I’m happy.”

Insp McGowan said: “Without realising it, Jack effectively treated this man for shock when he calmed him down and made him feel safe.

“His quick-thinking and caring attitude ensured he was given the best possible immediate first aid and the best chance of surviving the fall.

Jack’s positive action helped save the life of an elderly, very frail man and he should be proud of what he did.”