A SELF-CONFESSED heroin addict evicted from her last home under “crack house” legislation says she is being unfairly targeted by police.

The 24-year-old, who has asked not to be identified, was forced out of her house in Darlington after residents said she was making their lives a misery.

Yesterday morning, police raided her new address in the Denes area after they received intelligence that drugs were being sold there – although nothing was found.

The woman said nothing was recovered from her previous home, in nearby Kitchener Street, despite the eviction order.

The woman, who admits to spending £70 a week on heroin, said: “I keep getting harassed by the police, but they are getting false information.”

However, PC John Forster, of Darlington Police, said: “People who live in the street have a right to their peace.

“We carry out all our raids based on intelligence, and we cannot ignore information which is passed to us regarding potential crime.

“She was evicted from her previous address as a last resort because the neighbours were absolutely sick of it.

“There were people calling all hours and needles left in the street.

“Normal people living in the street were frightened to go near the place. There have been exactly the same problems in this street.”

He added: “People who are hard-working tax-paying members of society have a right to expect a decent standard of police service.”

The woman, who was not arrested, said: “I am a heroin user, there is no point in lying about that. Because I live near the Elmfield Centre (drug rehabilitation centre), people I know come round here, but I am not dealing.

“They have searched my house and they have found nothing. If I was dealing, would I only have £10 and no drugs?”

Her previous house was raided in May as part of the region-wide Operation Nimrod - aimed at targeting drug dealers.

She was evicted on the grounds that other addicts were abusing drugs there.