A HOME has been closed by police because it was being used as a drugs den.

Officers from Northumbria Police issued the notice for the home at 62 Dixon Street, Teams, Gateshead, under new powers brought in under the Anti Social Behaviour Order legislation.

Only the person living at the privately-rented home will be allowed in and out of the house and officers from Gateshead will be seeking an endorsement from Gateshead Magistrates to completely close the house.

Chief Inspector Dianne Winship said: "This is the first time we have used these powers in Gateshead and it follows complaints that this house has been used for drugs.

"Just two weeks ago, a woman was taken to hospital from this house following a heroin overdose and there have been lots of complaints from residents. Local environmental officers have regularly swept up a large number of needles and last year a ten-year-old child was injured with a used needle.