A YOUNG theatre group is to put on a show for schools across the area, to help warn of some of the dangers facing teenagers.

Bishop Auckland Theatre Hooligans (Bath), based at King James I Community College, has been enlisted by Durham Dales Primary Care Trust (PCT) to produce the hard-hitting show.

The performance, called Keepin' U Safe, takes place next Tuesday, at the Evenwood Community Centre, and invitations have been sent to all comprehensive schools in the area.

It will cover anti-social behaviour, drugs, alcohol, domestic violence and sexual health, and is typical of the kind of issue-based drama that Bath has produced for the past ten years.

Kaye Bramhald, senior health outreach worker for Durham Dales PCT, said the group had approached Bath after working with them in the past.

She said: "I have worked with them for eight or nine years and I know the work they have done.

"It is aimed at young people, who are most at risk of the issues covered."

Stephen Elliott, leader of Bath and the writer of the show's script, said: "We were asked to write and perform around four different issues - anti-social behaviour, drugs and alcohol, domestic violence and sexual health.

"It was a perfect opportunity to do what we are good at, our niche, which is issue-based drama with an important message."