ENVIRONMENTAL campaigners have turned to magic to halt quarrying in the area around an ancient monument.

A spell published on a message board run by campaign group Timewatch claims to cause financial difficulties for commercial land developers.

The group wants stop Tarmac quarrying in fields in the vicinity of the 5,000-year-old Thornborough Henges, near Masham, North Yorkshire.

Items needed for the spell include two black candles, one orange candle, one green candle and an altar.

The author suggests the spell should be cast at the time of a new moon, although he says that is not essential.

After placing the candles around an altar, the caster of the spell should light all four, then say: "Raper of earth, soulless one, quit this deed, thy will undone.

"Lies to your children, lies to your town, see you not, it's sacred ground.

"Financial disaster to you, times three. No land to take, so mote it be."

The candles should then be left to burn past midnight.

The remains should be buried in the ground on the next full moon - although again that is not essential.

Alternatively, they can be disposed of in running water.

The author says the toilet will work "just fine".

Last week, Tarmac vowed to appeal after county councillors rejected an application to extend Nosterfield Quarry to a field about 700 metres from the henges.

A spokesman for Tarmac said last night: "Anti-quarry objectors have used many tactics, but this is taking it to extremes which seem ridiculous.

"We can't really comment."

George Chaplin, the chairman of Timewatch, said he had fallen off his chair with laughter after reading the spell.

"If it was that easy, why am I here?" he said.

"I have a lot of sites. At the end of the day, I can't moderate them all."