The brain of a toddler killed by a babysitter is to be finally returned to his family after an agonising 18 month wait.

Kyle Fisher's brain was removed in an autopsy and then, following the conviction of Suzanne Holdsworth for murder, retained by her legal team for tests pending a possible appeal.

Two year-old Kyle, who died after his head was slammed into wooden bannisters, was subsequently buried last year minus the organ.

Now solicitors for 35-year-old Holdsworth, who was jailed for a minimum of ten years, have confirmed they plan to return the brain to a coroner in Newcastle who has authorised its release, expected this week.

Kyle's grandmother Linda Fisher, 42, of Somersby Close, Hartlepool, said: "We feel like we have some closure and that we've got all of Kyle once we get his brain back.

They could have taken the tissue from the brain that they needed and given it back months ago.

His brain is obviously his personality and his character and it hasnt been with him."

The Northern Echo revealed in January how solicitors for Holdsworth were considering a bid to overturn her conviction in the hope that new expert evidence would clear her name and prove she was not responsible for the fatal head injury that killed him.

They have yet to make a decision on whether a formal appeal will be lodged.

Campbell Malone, of Stephensons, the law firm representing Holdsworth, said: "We are continuing to investigate the conviction and will be returning the retained organs to the coroner.

Kyle was being cared for at Holdsworths home in the towns Millpool Close while his mother Clare, who lived opposite, was on a night out in July 2004.

She claimed that he had a fit and fell, but a jury at Teesside Crown Court failed to believe her story and found her guilty almost exactly a year ago of murder.

The brain of the toddler will be buried in a tiny casket by his grave in Hartlepools Stranton Cemetery during a small family service conducted by a priest.