MEASURES have been taken to try and resolve parking problems at a Darlington primary school.

Parents of children at Alderman Leach Primary School are concerned a serious accident could take place when children are being dropped off.

Six drop-off points have been provided at the school, but the parents have said this is not enough to cope with the amount of traffic.

The congestion problems have been added to by traffic from building work, which is going on near the school.

However, a local councillor and chairman of the governors at Alderman Leach has negotiated that a nearby car park can be used by school parents.

Councillor Bryan Thistlethwaite said: "I've negotiated with the developer, Tony Cooper, and the council, and Darlington Borough Council has agreed to take on the liability for the car park.

"We're urging parents to use that car park and not to pick them up on the roadside."

The car park, which has over 30 spaces, was built for the use of a pub which is still being constructed.

Parents at the school will be allowed to use the car park until June.

By that time, building work near to the school should have finished.