CHIP pans will be consigned to the rubbish bin if a hard-hitting campaign proves to be successful.

Fire chiefs are using National Chip Week to persuade people to get rid of their chip pans following the death of a Stockton man in December.

Cleveland Fire Brigade's Ban The Pan Forever campaign is being launched on Monday when officers will be in Middlesbrough town centre to demonstrate the potentially fatal dangers of a chip pan fire.

Campaign manager Marti Pottinger said: "The main message we are trying to get across is don't use chip pans at all and don't even think about buying a new one.

"We are going to graphically show people what will happen when a chip pan goes up in flames.

"We are not talking about what could happen, we are talking about what will happen, and we are determined to stop this."

The demonstration will illustrate the hazards when a boiling hot pan ignites and fills a kitchen with smoke and flames. Officers will highlight how to tackle a blaze and will also show the devastating effects of throwing water on burning oil.

The brigade is also challenging chip pan manufacturers and retailers who supply the traditional-style pans to join the ban. People are being urged to use deep-fat fryers instead.

Mark Whelan, director of operations and community safety, said: "There are more than 8,000 chip pan and fat fires in Britain each year resulting in 34 deaths and 3,000 injuries. We want to get rid of old-fashioned chip pans once and for all.

"We have terrific support and endorsement for our campaign from everyone from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, the Chief Fire Officers Association, celebrity chef James Martin to health and safety partners and members of the public who have experienced the devastating effects of a chip pan fire."

The first event will be held in partnership with Middlesbrough Primary Care Trust at the Life Store in the Mall, starting at 11am. Demonstrations will take place in Corporation Road, Middlesbrough, and at Middleton Grange Shopping Centre, in Hartlepool, throughout the day.

The launch will be followed by events in Hartlepool, Stockton and Redcar during the National Potato Council's chip promotion week