Q I am nearly 65 and my wife, who is 63, has £54 a week State pension. Mine will be £142. We have a mortgage of £75 a month but no savings. What can we claim in benefits and help with dental costs?

A Pension Credit of about £9.93 a week and Council Tax Benefit that would reduce your annual bill to about £180. You should have to pay no more than £55 for NHS dental treatment if you apply for a reduced cost certificate.

Q We are wondering if we qualify for Pension Credit or Council Tax Benefit. Our combined State Pensions are £147.23 a week plus my occupational pension of £194 a month and my wife's of £353 a year. We pay £1,120 a year council tax.

A Assuming your savings are less than £6,000, you are due Pension Credit of about £8.88 a week and Council Tax Benefit of about £17.75 a week.

Q My wife receives Income Support of £26 a week in addition to my Incapacity Benefit. She has been told that, when I reach 60 in May, her Income Support will go up to £79. Will we still get full rent and council tax allowances? The letter said I could claim Pension Credit for us both when I am 60. Should I?

A Income Support is more generous once your partner reaches 60, but you continue to get the maximum help with rent and council tax. You would be no worse off by claiming Pension Credit. If your savings are more than £6,000, it would be to your advantage.

Q We have State Pensions of £152.15 and £49.15, four-weekly Disability Living Allowance of £169.20 and a £166.51 monthly works pension. Our savings are £12,000. Can we get Pension Credit or help with our £970 a year council tax?

A No Pension Credit, but £6 a week Council Tax Benefit.